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BAT Therapy Testimonials

Reviewed November 15, 2015

Dan is by far the best massage therapist ever!

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. My daughter-in-law thought I should see Dan for his special fascia treatment massage. When I first went to him he could only work on 1/4 of my back alone. After 3 months of once a week sessions, he is now able to deeply treat my whole body and after many doctors' visits and medications, I can honestly say that Dan's deep fascia treatments have helped me most of all. He has given me better days and anyone with any pain issues should most definitely give him and his special fascia massage a try. You won't be sorry. By, Connie

Reviewed April 8, 2015

Highly effective massage therapy with Dan at Paradise Spa.

Amazing massage therapy with lasting results from Dan. Cannot recommend him enough. Highly professional. Makes you feel comfortable. 
I have used massage therapy for years to try to manage back, shoulder and neck stiffness and pain. Although previous massages at other places over past years have temporarily helped, and made me feel better for the day only, nothing has been as effective as my massage therapy with Dan at this spa.
As a woman over 50, it is frustrating to realize that your legs are weaker, balance is decreasing, and activity must be curtailed due to decreased range of movement and generalized pain. 
Dan's extensive experience includes working on connective tissue, loosening up our range of motion. My life has changed! I am bounding up the stairs again, walking and swimming extensively, as well as enjoying that feeling of physical confidence when your balance is strong, due to increased muscle control.
Before my massage therapy with Dan, my internal medicine doctor didn't know why my hands were numb throughout the day, stopping me from doing various things, especially typing on the computer and driving. He was going to do tests.
My numbness is gone! Yes really, gone. Since everything is "connected" in our bodies, once my sub-tissue has been loosened up and is moving properly in my neck and back and arms, my hands are no longer numb.
Additionally, I had pain around my left shoulder blade when walking and trying to stand up straight, that pain is also gone, and I am walking my dogs several times a day for long distances.
Look no further, stop gulping Advil to be active, go get some good massage treatments from Dan.
Mary Ann Standish, Treasure Island and Syracuse, NY

Reviewed August 11, 2014

Fantastic massage on vacation in Treasure Island

Dan gave me one of the best massages of my life-- in the top 4-5 of my most memorable massages. Extremely relaxing, therapeutic (on my extremely tight neck/shoulder), and rejuvenating at the same time. It's tough for massage alone to knock out my shoulder and neck tension, and he did it.

General Spa Reviews

I want to Thank the staff at Paradise Spa.  Corey worked with me so that I could put a pamper party together for my sisters 50h Birthday.  We had a party of 6 all from out of town.  We spoke several times on the phone to make sure that he could put the right package together for us.  He pampered us with Champagne and we had the whole spa to ourselves.  Everybody was professional and we all felt so good after we left.  My sister and her husband went back again 2 days later. Whoever reads this, I don’t just recommend this wonderful spa, I won't go anywhere else.  See you again when we come back in April for our yearly family trip.  Thanks again. Peggy Young, Rochester New York

My friend Sophia and I both came in for a girls day at the spa. The atmosphere was heavenly, from the time we walked in we were waited on hand and foot. I started out with a facial by Kim who worked wonders on me. Explaining everything she was doing, giving me tips on what would work the best to keep my face in perfect condition. I left feeling very clean and without any redness. After that I got an amazing massage from Corey, he eased my tension and worked out every knot. The energy he puts into his massages is simply perfect. Then my friend and I both had a relaxing dip in the hydrotherapy tub, sipping on champagne and eating chocolate covered strawberries. It was a splendid experience and I will be definitely coming back sooner than later. Thanks so much x0 Katherine

  My boyfriend purchased a Mother/Daughter massage for myself and my daughter who was visiting from Texas.  My daughter had never had a massage before.  When I called to book the appointment, Corey spent awhile with me on the phone to determine my needs, as well as my daughter's.  I knew before I got there I was dealing with a caring and sincere professional.  When we arrived, he asked my daughter if she had any questions and was patient and kind.  The massages were wonderful and tailored to our individual needs.  Corey did an amazing job with me as I need a ton of pressure. Nina handled my daughter tenderly.  I was very impressed with both of their expertise, as well as their professionalism. I would recommend Paradise Spa to anyone!       T. Ruff    Seminole, Fl. 

 I just wanted to again say thank you for everything. My arm would probably still be hurting if it had not been for your services. I was the gal from Kansas with her four friends who came to vacation there back in Oct. I had blood clots in my arm this past summer, and told you about my arm hurting. You said you thought it was probably scar tissue and massaged it out. It hurt for two days, and honestly I was worried, but on the third day, when I woke up, it no longer hurt and has not since then. THANK YOU!!! I give you 10 stars!!     Christine

  If Paradise is Heaven on Earth, it awaits you at Paradise Spa on Treasure Island! My visit there exceeded all expectations of restoring me to good health. The exceptional knowledge of therapist Corey was matched only by his kind and caring manner. I would highly recommend Paradise Spa to anyone looking for a delightfully pleasant and highly professional massage therapy experience. Heavenly!   Deb

 Thanks to Corey and his staff. I arrived in Treasure Island for holiday only to be stricken with the worst muscular back ache from the plane ride. After the attention and what I can only describe as "magic hands", i walked out of the spa head up high, back straight and ready for a round of golf. Thanks again for saving my vacation.     Joseph

  My first experience turned out to be the best. A few years ago I had some muscle pains which prevented me from having a good nights rest. With some apprehension, I booked a massage with Corey. I was pleasantly suprised. His professionalism, experience, and careing nature made me feel at ease. End result, I have been a weekly customer since and sleep better than ever. Thanks for everything.    Crystal


When it comes to massage therapy, I have not found anyone better than Nina. Her knowledge and techniques are the best I have seen. Her deep massage and touch helped my back recover faster than any of the previous massages I have received .

Thank you again           Raymonde            Gulfport, FL.


If you want an amazing massage experience, look no further!

On a whim my girlfriend and I called Paradise Spa while vacationing in Treasure Island.  Fortunately for us Corey & Nina had availability later that same day.  We are both from Chicago and have received massages numerous times at spa's all over the place in our hometown area.  Corey & Nina were superb!  Their professionalism, attention to detail, therapeutic hands and caring demeanor made our experience top notch.  I am an avid athlete in my early 40's and have developed chronic muscle soreness and tightness up and down the right side of my body.  Corey was amazing!  I had not felt that rejuvenated in a long time!  If only they were in my home town so I could go in on a regular basis! 

Thanks Paradise Spa!

Susan & Mary - Chicago