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BAT Therapy


Dan's the Man: Therapy that lasts.

I was in tears. The pain in my back and neck was so bad. Two car accidents and falling off horses as a child had taken its toll. DAN TO THE RESCUE! Dan's unique therapy gets right to the root of the problem, and now I'm pain free at last!
Dan has over 3 decades of experience as a masseur, and during that time he developed his unique therapy that irreversibly heals chronic pain. We live with painful tightness which he stretches to release stagnation. Once released, you are free to enjoy your body again. I highly recommend Dan's Body Armor Therapy, (BAT), if you need to finally solve your miserable aches and pains once and for all. - Ginger G.


What is BAT Therapy?

Body Armor Transitional Massage Therapy (SM)

 Got Aches? Got Pains? BAT Therapy Can Help!

BAT Therapy (Fascial Manipulation) is designed to release the buildup of tension, stress and postural imbalances that cause our body to be "Out Of Whack". Accidents, Injuries, Repetitive daily Motions, Work Postures, Driving and many other reasons will create many layers of "Body Armor" within our bodies. Once the body can release this "Body Armor", we get a chance to move and feel better. Fluidity of motion returns and aches and pains may disappear. The capacity to do things that we used to do comes back into focus and the quality of life begins to get better and we begin to be happier and more fulfilled.

"Body Armor" can be explained as a chronic pattern of involuntary tension in our body that restricts our range of motion and body movements. It may block or suppress blood flow, nerve communication and emotional expression. It can also change how we interpret situations and effects our awareness of life itself. "Body Armor" is a defense against the expression of feelings or emotions in order to protect ourselves from hurt, pain or discomfort.

 Armoring can help us cope with our life but it will limit us in many ways. We might lose the awareness we have of our body or miss feelings in parts of our body. We can feel very mechanical and robot like. Armoring can take a serious toll on our bodies as we can literally build layers upon layers of tissue completely distorting the look of our bodies. Armoring can also give us a feeling of discomfort and restrict our movement and emotional expression.

 Development of "Body Armor' can happen in many different ways. Childhood traumas, injuries, accidents, recreational activities, relationships or even work situations can be leading causes. Sometimes people spend years in therapy to get in touch with those issues. Using BAT Therapy may be able to make a connection between the mind and body so the release of Body Armor can begin faster.

 The whole process of letting go of the Armor is not easy because we feel that our entire existence is threatened. It can be so terrifying that many people will choose to remain stuck rather than go through the process of freeing yourself from the 'Body Armor'.

 My experience is that without specific hands-on therapy, most people will have an impossible time to connect their mind and body, and let go of their Armor. Once you decide to proceed, it is something you must feel and not try to reason it out just with your mind.

 The whole phenomenon of "Body Armor' is so powerful that if we would really start to address the issue, some profound healing could happen. Unfortunately, the way we treat people coping with Body Armor is to put them through therapy that is not effective or people get medicated with all sorts of anti-depressants or pain medications which only add to the "Body Armor" issue.

 Here at Paradise Spa, we have a specifically trained therapist that can facilitate the Transition of Body Armoring using a technique called BAT Therapy (Fascial Manipulation). BAT Therapy Sessions are 30 minutes and are focused on very specific areas of the body depending on your personal Armoring. A release will be felt after just one session, however, a series of 5 or more may be needed to release the Armoring built up from your entire life experiences.

BAT Therapy! Where No Pain Can Hide!

BAT Therapy Initial Consultation - With an initial consultation, your therapist will learn about your "Body Armor" and how it is affecting your life. Not only will your therapist come to understand but he will teach you how and why your body has created this "Body Armor" and why it doesn't want to go away. More importantly, you will discover how and why you can reach a place that is not only comfortable but pain free as well. With the BAT Therapy Initial Consultation, you and your therapist will create a treatment plan that is specific just for you.

New Clients will require an initial consultation prior to their first treatment. The consultation will ensure proper treatment as every individual has a different history which creates a unique pattern that must be understood before one can expect lasting results. 

BAT Therapy Initial Consultation: 30 min. = Free

BAT Therapy Treatment: 30 minutes = $110

BAT Therapy Treatment Package of 5 = $450: SAVE $20 per session

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Find out what BAT Therapy can do for you.


BAT Therapy is a Myofascial Technique

available only at Paradise Spa.

It resets pain patterns, reduces inflammation

and allows for better flexibility and movement.

Read Some Testimonials Below

Reviewed by Denise Mar 2, 2018

BAT with Dan

First, I’ll give a little background. On September 26, 2017 I lost my husband after a hard fought 18 month battle with cancer. Needless to say the period of time that I was his caregiver and his ultimate loss were very stressful. I decided to treat myself to a relaxing massage to help me get through the funeral. I’d been to Paradise Spa many times before so I called and spoke to Megan. When I explained that the stress had caused my Fibromyalgia to flare up she suggested that I try BAT therapy with Dan. She gave me a brief explanation and even though I was skeptical, was willing to give it a try. I had nothing to lose. I noticed a difference after the first treatment and have been going pretty much bi-weekly since. The treatment can be painful and I’m sore for a day or two, but I’ve definitely noticed a permanent reduction in my pain levels. During one of my recent treatments I mentioned to Dan that I had been to the doctor and was told I had tendonitis in my left arm which struck me as odd since this isn’t my dominant hand. We decided to dedicate that treatment to the arm. It was a little sore the day after, but by mid-week the swelling at my elbow and almost all of the pain were gone. I no longer had to wear an elbow band. As Dan and I were talking during the treatment, he asked if I had done anything different that might effect that arm. The only thing I could think of was that my husband and I had switched sides of the bed during his illness, but that was months ago. Dan asked if it was my left side that was then facing toward my husband and yes it was. It was also the arm that was nearest him and reached out to him during the two weeks in the hospital and hospice just prior to his passing. Dan explained that grief can manifest itself in ways we are not even aware of and my left arm had been taking on some of my husbands horrific pain and as I try to sort through my grief it made itself known in that arm. Since nothing else had changed this makes perfect sense to me. I HIGHLY recommend that anyone suffering from any type of chronic panic pain give this a try. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Reviewed July 16, 2017

BAT therapy massage has cured me!

I started seeing Dan for massage a few years ago. I had a chronic injury/pain from a car crash in 2003. Dan introduced me to BAT therapy and I am so pleased. My BAT therapies have cured my back injury from years ago. BAT literally peels off the layers of years of injured tissues. I believe BAT is very much a mind/body/spirit experience as it helped me deal with emotional issues from decades ago that I had been carrying. I can honestly say that BAT is life-changing and it has helped me transform physically and emotionally.

Thanks!  Gail

Reviewed July 1, 2017

Fascia massage by Dan

With the help of Dan, I was able to understand how years of stress caused my fascia to tighten up and significantly limit normal flexibility. He introduced me to fascia therapy that targets this tightened fascia and help loosen its grip on my body. It was amazing to experience a greater range of movements throughout my entire body and quicker recovery from physical exercise that this therapy afforded me. 
Thank you Dan!    Tim H

Dan the Magic Man

I've been getting regular deep tissue massages for years due to long standing spinal issues. For quite some time I have felt at a standstill in my healing and was frustrated about what to do to gain more improvement in function and mobility. Upon a friend's recommendation I decided to give Dan and his BAT therapy a try. Oh my goodness! This is NOT a massage for wimps. It is hard core, and can be painful, but it was exactly what I needed to help loosen up the fascia and allow my muscles to heal at a deeper level. I am no longer in constant pain and have greater flexibility than I've had in years. This is not a one and done thing. You will need to commit to several sessions, but if you deal with chronic pain from injuries or repetitive motion overuse, THIS IS THE THERAPY FOR YOU!!

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