BAT Therapy


What is BAT Therapy?

Body Armour Transitional Therapy (SM)

 Got Aches? Got Pains? BAT Therapy Can Help!

BAT Therapy is designed to release the buildup of tension, stress and postural imbalances that cause our body to be "Out Of Whack". Accidents, Injuries, Repetitive daily motions, Work postures, Driving and many other reasons will create many layers of "Body Armour" within our bodies. Once the body can release this "Body Armour", we get a chance to move and feel better. Fluidity of motion returns and aches and pains may disappear. The capacity to do things that we used to do comes back into focus and the quality of life begins to get better and we begin to be happier and more fulfilled.

"Body Armour" can be explained as a chronic pattern of involuntary tension in our body that restricts our range of motion and body movements. It may block or suppress blood flow, nerve communication and emotional expression. It can also change how we interpret situations and effects our awareness of life itself. Body Armour is a defense against the expression of feelings or emotions in order to protect ourselves from hurt, pain or discomfort.

 Armouring can help us cope with our life but it will limit us in many ways. We might lose the awareness we have of our body or miss feelings in parts of our body. We can feel very mechanical and robot like. Armouring can take a serious toll on our bodies as we can literally build layers upon layers of tissue completely distorting the look of our bodies. Armouring can also give us a feeling of discomfort and restrict our movement and emotional expression.

 Development of Body Armour can happen in many different ways. Childhood traumas, injuries, accidents, recreational activities, relationships or even work situations can be leading causes. Sometimes people spend years in therapy to get in touch with those issues. Using BAT Therapy may be able to make a connection between the mind and body so the release of Body Armour can begin faster.

 The whole process of letting go of the Armour is not easy because we feel that our entire existence is threatened. It can be so terrifying that many people will choose to remain stuck rather than go through the process of freeing yourself from the Body Armour.

 My experience is that without specific hands-on therapy, most people will have an impossible time to connect their mind and body, and let go of their Armour. Once you decide to proceed, it is something you must feel and not try to reason it out just with your mind.

 The whole phenomenon of Body Armour is so powerful that if we would really start to address the issue, some profound healing could happen. Unfortunately, the way we treat people coping with Body Armour is to put them through therapy that is not effective or people get medicated with all sorts of antidepressant or pain medications which only add to the Body Armour issue.

 Here at Paradise Spa, we have specifically trained therapists that can facilitate the Transition of Body Armouring using a technique called BAT Therapy. BAT Therapy Sessions are 30 minutes and are focused on very specific areas of the body depending on your personal Armouring. A release will be felt after just one session, however, a series of 5 or more may be needed to release the Armouring built up from your entire life experiences.

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BAT Therapy Package of 5 - $460